Solid Sands is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and is a spin-out from ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv. Solid Sands acquired the SuperTest product from ACE and announced its existence to the world in October 2014.

Our mission is to improve the quality of C and C++ compilers, and their safe and secure use by providing, SUPERTEST, the best possible compiler validation suite

Solid Sands is privately funded. Its management team consists of Marianne Damstra, CCO, and Marcel Beemster, CTO.

Marianne Damstra

Marianne Damstra started working for ACE Associated Computer Experts bv in 2001 where she ran the operational side of the marketing and sales department. Later she extended her tasks to include office management, procurement, and handling marketing and sales of both the CoSy compiler development system and SuperTest. From 2011 to 2014, she was the primary sales representative for SuperTest.

Marianne co-founded Solid Sands in 2014, where her responsibilities are sales, marketing, customer relations and business development.

Marcel Beemster

Marcel Beemster is a 25+ years professional of compiler technology with a PhD (1996) in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam. He worked as assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam (1994-1999). From 1999 to 2014 he was senior software engineer at ACE and managed new compiler development projects in the areas of C compilation, various forms of parallel extensions to C, adding to the core data structures of CoSy, and others. He also assisted the technical side of CoSy's sales process and organised and presented CoSy's one-week workshops for new users. Marcel is, in recent years, invited as speaker and keynote speaker at Scopes 2011 (St. Goar), ICT.OPEN 2012 (Rotterdam) and LCTES 2013 (Seattle). Since early 2013, his focus at ACE was on the support, maintenance and development of SuperTest.

Marcel co-founded Solid Sands in 2014, where his primary responsibilities are new product developments, maintenance and support.