White Papers and Technical Notes

This page lists our white papers and technical notes.  Make sure to visit this page to stay up to date with our developments and new features.


How a Rogue optimization introduces data races

Not all optimizations that work well for sequential applications can be used for multi-threaded applications. This is important in particular since C11 defined C's memory consistency model. A common optimization that is present in many compilers still used today does not work well with shared memory parallel programming.
Learn more about the details and about memory consistency in our technical note How a Rogue Optimization Breaks C11 Memory Consistency.

Code Generator Development and Validation

Why SuperTest should be your first choice for compiler code generator development and validation.
Read the full paper on Code Generator Development and Validation.

Library Qualification

SuperTest is the ideal starting point for standard library qualification, both for C and C++.
Read the full paper on SuperTest for C Library qualification.

Compiler validation

Compiler validation is simply highly controlled, repeatable and reproducible testing of a compiler using a recognized set of test programs commonly known as a "validation suite".
Read the full paper on C Compiler Validation for Embedded Targets.